THE AZ-200

Controls up to 255 different brands and 255 different cocktails
Manages a choice of 4 programmable portion sizes
Comes with software for easy system configuration and management that includes a powerful report generator with real-time inventory control  (Add a complete range of sophisticated peripheral devices to meet all your needs:
Draft Beer Dispenser
Wine Dispenser
Cocktail Tower
Juice & Soft Drink Interface
             • POS Interface
Cocktail Tower :

Fast and efficient
- ideal for high volume bars!
Prepares cocktails in 3 seconds
Dispenses up to 60 different brands
Can mix up to 16 brands per cocktail recipe
Can also dispense juice and soft drinks
Employee identification
Beer and Draft Dispenser :

The only beer head on the market with an integrated flowmeter Monitors quantity poured
Choice of 4 programmable portion sizes
Draft Wine dispenses similarly
Tour Cocktails 32
Tour Cocktails 40
Tour Cocktails 48
Tour Cocktails 64
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